Open Heart Conversations was birthed by Holistic Chiropractor, Jennifer Redmond, when she refused to continue to turn a blind eye to the valuable members of society that appeared to be tossed into the gutter like refuse. After walking by a man holding a sign that read, “So many people walk by me every day, I wonder if I even exist,” she committed to getting curious and creating 2000 conversations with the homeless population (or the “unaddressed” as she eventually came to call them). Not only did Jennifer want to know firsthand what they were up against, but she also wanted to eliminate the barrier of “us” and “them” to foster a global community in which we care for our own.

Jennifer was driven by the view that every human contains within them valuable gifts to offer the world and the current way the “unaddressed” are often treated lead to their gifts being wasted instead of fostered, and, as a result, the powerful healing available through these gifts that the world is currently hungering for in this era is thoughtlessly being discarded. This podcast is about what was learned along the journey of creating these conversations.